It is said that good-looking people have a piece of boy london!

boy london women

Bold patterns, big T-shirt tailoring, etc. are all iconic features.

Founded in 1977 by Stephane Raynor, boy London was the originator of the British Street card, a synonym for the 80 music and costume culture. Set up at the beginning of the rebellion on the label, and constantly with a subversive concept to challenge the traditional apparel industry, bold design, buy boy London.wide t-shirt tailoring and so are all iconic features.

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boy London Brand Introduction

Boylondon “Boylondon is the birthplace of the youngfahion in the late 1960-the British emperor of the Chelsea area in southwestern London, England, in view of the 1976 brand established by Stephaneraynor. Influenced by McLaren and Vivienne’s seditionaries (initial viviennewestwood), he began the punk road. The 80 ‘s Boylondon unique avantgarde style with eagle pattern rage.

boy London Brand Products

BOY LONDON Tape-print cropped shell bomber jacket

Boylondonkorea has children’s wear, SNAKE, as well as Boyrefit heritage slogan Originalheritageline. Boylondon intrinsic monetone tones. In addition to the Indigo, boy london bomber and other color products, and other brands, Boylondon has crazy templates, and gold, silver-oriented and various printing methods and accessories.

boy London Brand Impact

BOY London’s maverick style makes its list of fans full of Madonna, Renee and other superstar figures. However, since the brand quiet gradually fade out of sight,buy boy london online.until 2007 to return, and by the global many stars in the pursuit. To this end, BOY London has brought a new shock to the fashion and music industry, not only to redefine the punk spirit, but also to open the chapter of Neo-Romanticism.

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