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Founded in 1976, founder and head of Stephane Raynor, Boy London, was the forerunner of street brands and tide brands in the UK. It was synonymous with music and costume culture in the 1980s and the birthplace of Young Fashion in the late 1960s – southwestern London, England The Chelsea region’s King Kam brand. At that time, Punk godmother “The Empress Dowager” Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm Maclaren while playing the band opened in Chelsea that the history of the Sex Shop, boy london uk store,Stephane Raynor and John Krevine also opened the same street called Acme Attractions store , Then Kings Road is a gathering place for punk youth. As a result, Stephane Raynor’s initial store was deeply influenced by the style of Maclaren and Empress Dowager Vivianne Westwood.

By the late 1970s, Raynor and Krevine closed the store and began to focus on running the brand Boy London. At the beginning of the establishment Raynor and Krevine remained the punk they were good at, rebellious and avant-garde fashion. boy london shirt,By this time, punk culture has reached the stage of new romanticism. Raynor injected more and more nightclub culture into Boy London and became a model for the “underground” trend of England. The famous “Who’s who” Logo was born from that period.

Boy London classic single product


For Boy London fans, its home T-Shirt must be a must have item, and for those entry-level fans, Boy London’s T-Shirt is preferred. Its generous cut, black body and a huge logo on the chest are the most classic Boy London elements. Moreover, this T-Shirt also represents the spirit of the brand, boy london shirt sale.Boy London has always advocated Unisex, in its world, there is no difference between men and women, only “we”, this tide, personality enough attitude, but also Important values sought after and valued by young men and women.


Wear a T-shirt in summer, so winter wear iconic sweater.boy london sale. The same design concept with the T-Shirt, winter sweater looks simple, non-black or white, but absolutely cool to the bones.

Baseball cap and wool hat

Do not know since when, Boy London’s baseball caps and wool cap has also been sought after fainted. I believe that the reason why these two hats can be so fire, that distinctive, full of publicity is still the key to the living elements of the key elements. Wear it, probably the best demonstration of the tide of personality, personality, the best tool for young people.

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